About Nature & Travel Photography by Ted Byrne


What you'll find here

I've been an avid photo enthusiast for over 15 years. This site represents but a sample of the images that I've collected since going digital in 2001. I try to add images to the site on a weekly basis.

Here you'll find mostly travel and nature photography, as well as collection of general images that merit professional stock use. Being located in Switzerland, there's naturally a specialized collection of images appropriate for Swiss-themed marketing (this is also why the gallery "Switzerland" resides outside of the "Travel" category).



All prices are calculated automatically based on the industry-standard fotoQuote®. Pricing one's work can be a delicate process for photographers and using this standard puts my product squarely in line with similarly-qualified work.

I am happy to offer discounts on volume packages of photos. Please contact me for details and I'll be happy to get back to you within 24 hours.   


What's in the bag?

Nikon gear.




Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your visit!